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Experience really matters when choosing an attorney. Our clients come first at Zisser, Brown & Nowlis P.A.

We care about our clients. Our compassionate staff is also committed to your legal issue. Whether your case is in personal injuryfamily law, or criminal defense, our firm is dedicated to being by your side.

We are your lawyers. We understand that choosing an attorney is a very personal decision, one that should only be made after research and meeting with an attorney who specializes in your particular legal matter.

Whether your case involves a complex divorce, personal injury, an accident, child abuse, or a second DUI offense, we are dedicated to vigorously protecting your future. We are prepared to handle your legal issues. You get a lawyer from day one and we are your lawyers. We are there for our clients, their families, and their children.


Divorcecustody and family disputes are highly emotional and important matters that we take special pride in handling. Regardless of the circumstances, the break up of any marriage involves many legal issues that cannot be overlooked and must be thoroughly researched and evaluated so that our clients obtain a fair and equitable result upon termination of their marriage.


Our attorneys often take on personal injury and wrongful death cases that are too complex for other firms to handle. If fact, some of our most successful outcomes have been for clients who were told by other lawyers that they did not have a case.


In a criminal defense attorney, experience is critical. For more than 40 years, the law firm of Zisser, Brown & Nowlis P.A. has vigorously represented criminal defense clients. Our lawyers take pride in our many years of experience and our successful track record. While aggressive, we take pride in our ethical approach to handling cases.