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Experience really matters when choosing an attorney. Our clients come first at Zisser Law. We have a legal team that is dedicated to your specific case. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family. We are here to help you through each step of this challenging process and strive to make it a little less stressful.

We represent clients in:

Family Law Attorney Elliot Zisser is a Florida Bar Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney with extensive experience representing clients in divorce. Barry Zisser, Elliot’s brother, has practiced law for more than 50 years. Attorneys Jonathan Zisser, Katherine Johnson, and Joseph Alvarez also focus their practice on family law matters. As a legal team, they help families deal with complex legal issues, such as alimony and child custody concerns.

Criminal Defense - Attorney Jonathan Zisser has a strong background defending clients charged with DUI, domestic violence, weapon offenses and other charges. Often times, criminal charges coincide with your family law case. Jonathan is the attorney you want on your side to represent you.

We are your lawyers. We understand that choosing an attorney is a very personal decision, one that should only be made after research and meeting with an attorney who focuses on your particular legal matter.

What sets us apart?

Our five attorneys have all practiced family and criminal law anywhere from several years all the way up to 52 years. They are highly trained and have met rigorous standards in their specific areas of focus.

In our more than 50 years of practice, we have handled numerous trials and taken appeals to higher courts when appropriate. While many of our clients want us to negotiate out-of-court settlements, we prepare each case as if it were going to trial. Only by doing so can we reach a fair settlement.

Too often lawyers treat clients as "just another case." We have learned that each client is unique in spite of the many cases we handle for our many deserving clients. Each client's case is the only one that he or she has, and as such, it is an important part of his or her life. Our firm has built its reputation on the basic foundation of treating our clients with respect and obtaining the very best results possible for them.

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Our promise to our clients

As lawyers, we believe that we occupy a special place in society that requires us to serve you to the very best of our ability. That means we promise to work hard for you and bring the very best result we can for you on your particular case. No matter how difficult your case may be we are committed to promising you a full and fair evaluation of your case.

More often than not, lawsuits and legal battles are not pleasant matters. As your lawyers, we place your interests first and understand that we work for you. We promise to fight hard for you and to advance your case to the fullest extent of what the law will permit. You can count on us to work hard for you and get results.

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